Late August marks the 20th anniversary of my life in the law.  20 years since I was a first year law student at the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Reflecting back on the decisions that led me to Mr. Jefferson’s law school, I remember that the “where” question was the driving question for me as I embarked on this career path.  Ask any prospective law student.  “Where are you going to law school” is unequivocally the most asked question for potential lawyers in the making.  The interesting part of the answer to that question isn’t actually the “where.”  It’s the “why.”  (But that specific question (“where are you going to law school?”), is a topic for another day.)

“Where do you practice?”  So, the title of the Blog actually gives that answer away.  But, again, the most interesting part of the answer to that question isn’t actually where.  It’s why.  Why 85 South?  Why do we as a firm devote our professional time, energy, and expertise to the practice of law along this interstate corridor south of the Atlanta airport to the Alabama line?

And for you, the reader, the salient question is the same question.  Why?  Why 85 South?  Why hire our firm?

It’s Home

The easy, and perhaps most compelling, answer is that it’s our home.  It’s where we’re from; where we grew up; where we live; where we are raising our children.  It’s where our friends and neighbors are.  It’s where our families are.  Just as one example, our Luthersville office is located in the same farmhouse that belonged to my grandparents Carney and Young; the same house where my Dad and his brother and sisters grew up; the same house that sat in the middle of the highway when the house was moved in 1959 when the highway was widened and was going to clip the front steps; and the same house that belonged to my great-great Aunt Mattie and Uncle Jim Dunlap.

So if you are looking for a team that knows the region, knows the courts here, and knows the people here, then we think that you’ll find our firm is the right answer for you.

We Believe In The Vibrant Future of the 85 South Corridor

We believe that the future is bright along the 85 South Corridor, and the best days for West Georgia are ahead.  Whether you are a business owner or a resident, you want a firm that is committed to working toward fulfilling the promise of that bright future for our region.  We are committed to working to make that bright future a reality for our region and for our clients.  Our best metric for success is the success of our clients.  Let us help you capitalize on this vibrant future.

What You Can Expect from Our Blog

We hope that you will find our blog informative.  Our posts will probably range from the practical to sometimes professorial.  But our hope is that from time to time you will find some information that you will be able to use.  And if you are from out of town, come on down to check out 85 South soon!